Monday, March 06, 2006

South Africa in Prophecy

Voortrekker Monument

THE VOORTREKKER MONUMENT honoring the Dutch pioneer trek from Cape Town deeper into Africa to remain true to their biblical beliefs and traditions that were often opposed by the ruling British.

After reading about the Voortrekker Monument in James Michener's historical novel, The Covenant, a novel that kindled a great desire to visit such a glorious country, I made a special pilgrimage to the site to honor our Israelite brethren's part and sacrifice in their fulfillment of biblical prophecy. God blessed me with seven wonderful weeks in South Africa in the early 90's.

The (almost) complete South Africa slideshows!

Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekkers played an important part in Pretoria's past. The capital of the Boer republic in Transvaal was named after Andries Pretorius, the victorious leader of the Boers in the war against the Zulus. The founders of the former South African Republic were honoured by a colossal monument situated on Monument Hill, which is supposed to be a reminder of the courage, determination and persistence of the Voortrekkers.

By Ron Fraser

Since the handover of government to Nelson Mandela in May 1994, the euphoria which greeted the new president’s inauguration has soured as crime runs rampant in the major cities, the country’s health services unravel, educational standards adjust downward and the rand plummets. The vision outlined by South Africa’s new government included many promises in the areas of housing, welfare, education and employment. These promises have yet to be largely fulfilled. What does the future hold for South Africa?


Chapter 1 A Chosen Nation
Chapter 2 From Blessings to Curses
Chapter 3 As it was in the days of Noah...
Chapter 4 Final Warning!

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Ron. said...

No. There are a number of anti-Boer erroneous assertions made here. First of all the Great Trek was not from Cape Town: a place that the Boers had trekked away from during the late 1600s & throughout the 1700s when they began to occupy the northern & eastern Cape frontier. The Great Trek was almost exclusively from the eastern Cape region where the Boers had developed into a nation.

The next major erroneous assertion is that the Boers were of Dutch descent. This is probably the biggest & certainly one of the biggest lies ever told about the humble Boer people. No. The Boers are not of Dutch descent as they are the descended from the Germans / Frisians & French Huguenots that the Dutch East India Co. took out of Europe then dumped at the Cape. The Boers have very few actual Dutch ancestors. While a lot of their names are spelled after a Dutch spelling: this is entirely due to the fact that the Dutch elite that ran the Cape SPELLED THEIR NAMES that way thus they took on a Dutch spelling. Lots of French names like Villion became Viljoen / Cronier became Cronjé / Pinard became Pienaar / Lombard became Lombaard / Jourdan became Jordaan & German names like Kluthe became Cloete & Bode became Botha.

Furthermore: Numerous German arrivals settled directly in the eastern Cape where the Boers developed away from the Cape Dutch / Afrikaners who were much more of Dutch descent. The Cape Dutch were the ones centered around Cape Town not the Boers who were living on the Cape frontier & where British Colonialism was most resented. The Boers are often erroneously conflated with the Cape based Afrikaners due entirely to the Afrikaner Nationalist propaganda of the 20th cent which USURPED the Boers' history in the name of forging a superficial White Afrikaans "unity" with the goal of dislodging the British power.