Tuesday, April 24, 2007

About Kumah and Neo-Zionism

About Kumah and Neo-Zionism

KUMAH, which is Hebrew for ARISE, is a movement passionate about Aliyah (ascent). There are different Aliyahs for different people: for Jews of the Exile, Aliyah means heeding God's call for mass immigration to Israel, the Jewish people's homeland. Aliyah for Jews who have already come home to Israel means elevating the spirit of the Jewish nation and rectifying the vessel that is the State of Israel with an eye toward redemption.

Aliyah for the peoples of the world means a spiritual renaissance with Jerusalem at its center. We call this movement Neo-Zionism, a Biblical dream being realized today. Through an array of projects, Kumah seeks to invigorate the world with positivity and a sense of connectedness based on authentic Jewish values. We at Kumah believe in taking an active role in shaping and hastening the destiny of Israel!

If you are interested in joining us - get in touch!

Email us at arise at kumah dot org.

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