Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jewish Encounters

You're not Jewish
I've never claimed to be an adherent of Judaism, and never will be, as it is incomplete without Yeshua (to whom the Law and the Prophets and the Writings direct the Twelve Tribes of Israel). Most Jews and Israelites have yet to find their Way and continue to wander in the wilderness of traditional blindness, a veil over their eyes, as foretold.
I am of the leading tribes of Joseph and Judah, which has nothing to do with religion as the Bible proves.

John Mervin: Risingsun, Ohio Pioneer
Jews don't worship Christ.
Faithful Jews who perceive that Yeshua is the Pierced One of Zechariah and the Suffering Servant of Isaiah honor the Son of God as the King Messiah of Israel and know He is our personal Lord and national savior, the Passover Lamb, like Peter, James and John and the entire early Sabbath-keeping Church of God founded on the holy day of Shavuot/Pentecost in Jerusalem (and the true Church of God continues to keep the biblical Sabbath, festivals and dietary laws).
He was a false prophet to us.
Us? You mean to professing Jews in a self-imposed exile far away from the Jewish Homeland of Israel, physically and spiritually? You mean to those who always rejected the Prophets and the Word of God as the Bible indicts? Yeshua warned the Jews that Jerusalem would be destroyed and the Temple would soon be history because of their unwarranted hatred against Him - and so it came to pass, fulfilled exactly as Yeshua foretold.
Why remain in denial? Why continue to wander in the wilderness? Yeshua also foretold the restoration of Jews to Jerusalem and the Jewish establishment's imminent recognition of Him, at long last, leading to divine intervention, Jerusalem's liberation and Israel's deliverance. This is GOOD NEWS indeed!
Stay tuned and get ready to listen to the chief spokesman between Two Witnesses who will face the nations and address the world court from Jerusalem, in the spirit of Elijah, preparing the way for the return of the King, offering hope and comfort to Israel's captive audience!

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