Saturday, August 18, 2007


Shimon Peres loves a trip to Rome to visit The Colosseum, The Forum, the great cafes but most of all, he loves to visit his boss, the Pope. After he poisoned Ariel Sharon into a comatose zombie, he took over the Number Two spot in his party, Kadima. And just six days after Kadima took over the Israeli government, he flew to Rome to visit the holy padre, or as he calls him, papa.

Now, as the new Presidente of Israel, his first diplomatic trip abroad will be to Rome to get his last marching orders from the big don, Papa.

So long Israel, hello our Vatican home.

But at this personal newsgroup, we have wonderful news. A talented Jerusalem filmmaker captured my two hour speaking evening, The Vatican's New Crusade Against Jerusalem. Now, finally, it's a DVD that works. Let us follow Peres' chicanery in deadly detail by ordering it from me for a mere $20 by writing,
So let's just plug my work, shall we? Gemma Blech was the photographer who provided me with a dozen photos of the Gush Katif downfall for my book, Bye Bye Gaza. This week she sent me 20 photos of the same downfall in Hebron. Write her for shots of the raw destruction wrecked on the Shalhevet neighborhood of Hebron by the banana republic mafia hit squad still sadly called, the Israel Defence Forces, or as we once proudly referred to them, the IDF. You want the write her. As I wrote her, enough of your histories! Give up already. The foreign forces want Hebron busted for good and the "settlers" are handing it to them on a papal platter with barely a whimper. I can't look at the slow end of Israel anymore. If the "settlers" want to give up their homes, well what's it our business anymore? Give them their wish.
If 100,000 so-called settlers had faced 3,000 IDF soldiers, the apes would have been forced to turn tail. Continue to my notes and read radio announcer Tamar Yonah's letter to me. How can little old us beat the army that "defeated 5 arab armies?" Wrong Tamar. This is a despised army that a ragtag bunch of 1000 Hizbollah "fighters" fought to a standstill last summer. Anyone can beat them if they wanted to. And that statement will be proven correct when the Arabs bombard Israel with tens of thousands of missiles next week or next year. But no one rushed to Hebron to save their religion, homes and lives. The settlers let still another of their last remaining homes fall like Gush Katif and Northern Samaria.
So, let them fall. Hello, my Roman adobe.
And look at the commentary from While their community was razed, they gloated that they didn't fight for it. They didn't use dangerous weapons, only the IDF did that. Like anyone cares.
And the saddest commentary of all. Prof. Hillel Weiss ran from Hebron, tail between his legs. This was the grand old prof who went on Israeli tv in 1997 and said I was right; Yitzhak Rabin WAS murdered in a government plot. He was a hero of Rabin truth and was almost a hero in Hebron. He was filmed telling the IDF operations commander, Col. Yehuda Fox, that he hoped his wife would soon be a widow, a feeling many shared with him.
But after his daughter was forcibly removed from her Hebron home, he had a change of heart and apologized to the old Fox, making the next expulsion so much simpler.
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like Rome.


You saw the police, - full battle gear, unlimited manpower, unlimited weaponry, - an army that beat 5 arab armies...What can we little folk really do? All we can do is have more babies, settle more land, and keep faith in Torah and Hashem's promises. In the meantime, we will do what we can. In the end, we'll win, with Hashem's help.
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Yitzhak Rabin was sacrificed by the Israeli oligarchy for their German-Jesuit masters intent on occupying Jerusalem.
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