Friday, March 07, 2008

Israelis suffer consequences of rejecting Kahane

"Annapolis" is to blame.

By Ted Belman

Annapolis must be abrogated and the phasing, in the Roadmap, must be returned to. No final status talks until the end of terrorism and incitement.

In fact Annapolis caused an increase in deaths just as Camp David negotiations did. When the peace process is dormant, and Israel is allowed to operate, fewer people get killed.

A peace agreement can’t be force fed. The more one tries, the more violence occurs. Until all parties want to make peace, there will be no peace. This will only come about when Israel is allowed to defeat, totally, its adversaries. As Daniel Pipes calls it, “utter defeat”.


I don't blame Annapolis (as it is merely a symptom of Israel's spiritual sickness), because Israel has only itself to blame. Why? They chose - in effect - to become an accessory to every Arab terrorist attack against innocent Jewish men, women, children, and babies in strollers...and even against Gentile kibbutz volunteers and tourists. Here's how...

Truth or consequences: Israeli leaders, and the Jewish people, rejected the preventive measures called for by Meir Kahane against such mass murder attacks that Jerusalem has suffered again; Israeli leaders, and the Jewish people, have failed to remove the threat clearly presented by their resident sworn Arab enemies as the Law of Moses commands (Malachi 4:4) and treacherously chose the lying peace process instead, living a lie and dying because of it, suffering the curses for disobedience (Daniel 9:11).

Will the Israelis, will the Jews, repent and confess Kahane was right and act accordingly?

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David Ben-Ariel

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