Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The British Royal Family and Jews

Let the British keep the Royal Family. We Jews don't want them. They are too kooky for us.

Are you actually living in Israel or, like too many Jews, in a self-imposed exile from the Jewish Homeland?

Don't worry, the Davidic dynasty will continue to rule over British-Israelites until it's the ordained time to be restored to Jerusalem, Israel (with the Stone of Scone). By that time, both the British Israelites and Jews, Israel and Judah, will have repented and gotten straightened out.

Presently Israel is an insane asylum with treacherous leaders who expel Jews, not sworn Arab enemies, and who shamefully forbid Christians and Jews from praying on the TEMPLE Mount, woefully neglecting Judaism's holiest site and surrendering it to hateful Islamoonies by default and deporting this honest Christian Zionist for reporting these facts. What a medinat ballagan! (state of confusion)

For the record, there is a movement to restore the Davidic monarchy in Israel, but not the legitimate line of descent that presently rules the British Commonwealth of Nations (Ephraim).

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