Friday, December 19, 2008

Nuclear Germany

Will Germany Launch a Nuclear Attack on America?

I've always done what I could over the years, with what I've got, to help warn our beloved peoples about the German threat to world peace. Whether by ads or articles or letters to the Editor of newspapers and magazines, since every little bit helps with God's blessing upon it, I do my best to
warn the world.

While doing what I can to help warn the world, I've always encouraged the Sabbath-keeping Church of God to do more, to go public and step away from behind the podium (preaching to the choir), to get the Word out and let our God-given message become a household word, known and debated and discussed everywhere. Our God-given message must reach those high and low, rich and poor, regardless of race or religion or we will have failed our God-given mission.

The Greater Toledo, Ohio area has received the lion's share of my efforts, since that's where I'm from, although I've also reached out to
Judea, Jerusalem, New York and elsewhere.

This ad (shown below) -
Will Germany Launch a Nuclear Attack on America? - appeared several times in The Press newspaper, and a similar ad appeared twice in the AutoTrader (talk about taking it to the streets, reaching the general public!). I've also had a full-page ad in The Toledo City Paper warning about EUROPE'S NEW CRUSADE: "PEACE" FOR THE MIDDLE EAST.

I trust free publicity will offer greater opportunities, and God knows, by His grace, I'll walk through every open door to expand His Work. Your prayers are appreciated.

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john10001 said...

I'm not so sure I believe that Germany will launch a nuclear attack on America. For starters I don't believe they have any Nukes. They have also been trying to get rid of their capacity to even make them. In 2000 the German government agreed to phase out its Nuclear power plants by the year 2020. Also Angela Merkel led government seems to be more of a friend of Israel than an enemy.

From the very little I have read and understand of the bible, according to my belief and understanding of it that Jesus will return to Earth at some point in the not too distant future.

The main threat will come from Gog and Magog. Gog being Russia and Magog? Who knows? Some say Magog is China, others say it is Southern breakaway states of Russia.

The threat will also be from an EU consisting of 10 nations as well as Muslim nations surrounding Israel.

I absolutely hope the UK (my country) withdraws from the EU nightmare before then and stays well clear of joining the Euro currency as that would spell a lot more than economic disaster.

The EU will have an army in the middle east and be about to battle the muslims when both armies join together to attack Israel and Jesus who will have returned to Earth and the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

They will wrongly believe him to be the anti-Christ and a threat to their power. Their fate will not be so great.

I believe that it is possible that there will be a nuclear threat. Perhaps if we don't deal with Iran and North Korea it will also come from there. Pakistan it also an unstable country with Nukes.

According to what I have read and believe that man will be about to go to war and launch nuclear weapons at each other but it will anger God and he will stop it.