Saturday, April 15, 2006

The tribes of Israel under siege!

The lying and racist illegal immigrants.

They must go!

Illegal aliens and should be treated as such. It is the government's responsibility to deport them. They can do it and they should or they are rewarding criminal behavior.

My sister is married to a Mexican-American man (whose family is here legally). One of my best friends is a fluent Spanish-speaking Mexican-American whose mother works with immigrants all the time. Ohio has plenty of them. It's not just in the South, contrary to stereotypes. I've spoken with them against MEChA - the racist organization of militant Mexicans. I'm friends with one who once led the local chapter at the University of Toledo, and who said he distanced himself from their more radical views. But I pointed out to him that he - as a respectable front man - still furthered their views. He saw my point but clearly it was making him uncomfortable. The plain truth has a way of doing that.

Whether or not you believe the Anglo-Saxons are Israelite in origin, an important part of the "Lost Ten Tribes," we are. That's why our Israelite countries are under the curse of militant minorities: divine punishment for our national sins. It doesn't matter if it's only, initially, a few hardcore people - not the whole group - they, like leaven, grow, and grow and infect the rest, just like Hamas (hametz).

Our Jewish brethren have suffered from the Arab terrorists, our white brethren in South Africa have suffered from racist blacks and, as usual, all under influence of communist groups. And now the United States is being badgered for not welcoming illegal aliens with wide open arms!

They must go!

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