Saturday, July 28, 2007

Germany and Africa

German teacher’s trip abroad brings lesson plans alive
More power to Heidi Bench, a Put-in-Bay, Ohio school teacher, who is determined to help raise global awareness in her students following her educational trip throughout Germany. Her trip sounded wunderbar!
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East Toledo pastor shares experience from Africa
Two pastors living in the parsonage at Calvin United Church of Christ on Bakewell Street in East Toledo were married on July 2. They also have a story to share.
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Congratulations to newlyweds Adrian and Becky Sunday.

Having been to South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), the headline "Pastor shares experience from Africa" grabbed my attention. I read with great interest about Becky Pastor's experience in the former Germany colony of Namibia. She said her trip was "meant to be a learning experience, not for us to assume that we can teach or fix other people's problems, but to recognize that other people of the world have something to give to us that we can gain from their way of life."

I still wonder what she learned, having read through the article several times, and know that it is the white West who is always called upon to bail out the bankrupt black countries that demanded independence and that it's the white West who administers medicines and food to what now amount to black welfare states. Didn't she notice that while she was there? I believe we can learn from everybody, everywhere, but what did they give to her she couldn't have gotten here? What can we gain from their way of life? Is anything unique about it?

I wish Mrs. Pastor would've learned some facts about apartheid, because then she would know that South Africa's policy of apartheid actually raised the standard of living for every race, not just productive white people. She would also know that black folks from Africa did all they could to get into white-administered South Africa because it offered the Continent's greatest economic opportunities during apartheid! Instead she blathered apartheid " was to divide and suppress...The white people there were a minority and held all the wealth and power." It was the white people who created the wealth (with black help) and raised the standard of living for blacks and proved themselves worthy managers. Since the Communist-inspired defeat of apartheid, South Africa's economy has plummeted yet crime and corruption has skyrocketed!

It is obvious that without the historic white colonial rule of proper law and order, peace and prosperity, Africa reverts to its primitive state of chaos and confusion, poverty and disease, and even tribal warfare. What a crying shame we betrayed the whites who lived there to give democracy to people clearly unable to control themselves, sinking the ship with all on board (the white South African Diaspora now numbers over a million).

As for Mrs. Pastor's claim to be a pastor, some of us old-fashioned Christians continue to believe the Bible that women aren't called by God to be preachers, regardless of whatever excuses they offer. Father knows best, and God doesn't change and Jesus Christ is the same.

No women preachers, plain and simple!

As for AIDS in Africa, it should be known that over 26 diseases were reclassified and dumped into the "AIDS" category - the same diseases Africa has always suffered from - and that most people who allegedly have AIDS were never even tested for the HIV virus, but it surely helps to raise money from donor nations and well-meaning individuals if they can be claimed as "victims" of AIDS, doesn't it?

God save Africa: Restore Rhodesia and South Africa!

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