Monday, April 14, 2008

Is Obama here to stay?

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David, Obama is here to stay, and I mean not just in America, but more importantly, in the American politics.
That's predictable, but unfortunate, as they miss out on another opportunity to do the right thing and return to Africa.

As a friend emailed me about BO: "No, he will not. He's a millionaire here just like his pastor. They've made their fortunes milking white America and their own people. He wants to lead a nation of black VICTIMS. There's money to be made as a poverty pimp."

I know but I wanted to educate folks on Marcus Garvey and offer an alternative for them... I have a dream....

I think we should all be happy that finally this country has a black politician who's making a real effort to be an All-American candidate.
I strongly disagree. He has learned how to talk to white people, a clever snake, as brought out in his book:

Obama on how to talk to whites
By Judith A. Klinghoffer (bio)

On p. 94-95 he describes an effective tactic to deal with White people

There's no question, he's a lot to explain, and a lot to make amends for (Rev. Wright, liberal elitism, snobbery, etc), but, unlike any other Democratic politician (and even a Republican one!) he's a charismatic person and has the same kind of magic JFK, Ronald Reagan, & Bill Clinton had (actually Bill seem to lose it all).
Hitler had charisma too, so what? If you think somebody who is already so infected with hatred of the United States and White people is somehow going to get up and get over it and become a better person, not just a polished politician, you seriously need to think again.

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