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Scourge of the ANC by Dan Roodt

Book: The Scourge of the ANC by Dan Roodt (PRAAG)

About the Book: “ANC rule in South Africa represents the biggest scourge visited upon the country since our traditional enemy, Great Britain, invaded us one hundred years ago … It took us fifty years to recover from the British invasion. It is anyone’s guess how long it will take to recuperate from the current rapine practised by another invader, the erstwhile foreign terrorist group known as the ANC.

Since coming to power in 1994, a staggering 300 000 people have been murdered, and our beautiful country has become a criminal state. Not only has government become corrupt to the core, as exemplified by the R60 billion arms deal, but South Africa is also the preferred domicile of hundreds of foreign crime syndicates. We have been transformed – to use a fashionable piece of official jargon – into a den of iniquity, the international crime capital and centre for drug-trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, child pornography, rape, murder, car hijacking, and so on.”

In these two polemical essays, the author argues persuasively for a speedy end to ANC rule. No-one in the last ten years has had the courage to denounce the racial madness and patent injustices of this unwanted and bloody regime.

About the author: Dan Roodt holds a Ph.D. from the University of the Witwatersrand and a D.E.A. from the Université de Paris VIII (Vincennes/St. Denis). He is a well-known novelist and Afrikaner commentator who has played a leading role in what has become known over the past four years as the “Third Afrikaans Language Struggle.”

Outeur/Author: Dan Roodt
Titel/title: The Scourge of the ANC
ISBN: 0-9584635-5-7
Aantal bladsye/number of pages: 144
Omslag en mates/Cover and measurements: Slapband op 105g papier, 205 x 140mm/Soft cover on 105g paper, 205 x 140mm.

This book is available here.

Question for Dan Roodt:

As the Psalm sings,
"Behold how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity."

Considering the Israelite origins of both the British and the Dutch (and others of NW European origin), how could our White Israelite peoples be reconciled and live together in peace and form a united front against Gentile opposition?


Lost Tribes

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