Friday, May 11, 2007

Oprah's trees

by David Ben-Ariel
Looking out Oprah's window at all the trees
At all the trees that have become a forest of green
And the forest of green sends its seeds upon the wings
Upon the wings of women's song that few men chime in...
And then the song ascends among the stars, crescends near the moon and winding follows celestial streams to Earth again...
To Earth where someone with gentle strength silently grows, determined to make it through, make it through, break through and let the world know
Know that I am not alone and my dreams can become fields for others to play in, my thoughts share life around the globe, my song a prayer that has blessed this day
And all I can say as I look out Oprah's window at all the trees, and all the trees are smiling, “thank you.”

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