Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tony Blair's speech concedes defeat

Tony Blair revealed, in his speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, he just doesn't get it (or is at least ordered to appear that way like President Bush). The war on terrorism is a war against Nazi-Muslims, plain and simple.

It is not our duty to try and convert those nations to our "values" (doesn't he realize our values, dangerously adrift from our biblical moorings, is what alienates many of the faithful among Islam?). We are called to serve as a "city on a hill," a light to all the nations, a model nation others seek to emulate not immolate!

Contrary to humanist ideas, spreading democracy is not our holy mission. Democracy is not the gospel. It has worked relatively well among our Israelite family of nations with our disposition, but generally fails among those who aren't so inclined to it, who don't share our proclivity for it, as is their prerogative. We're trying to scrub the spots off the leopard and it just won't work!

...we will not win the battle against this global extremism unless we win it at the level of values as much as force, unless we show we are even-handed, fair and just in our application of those values to the world... My point is that this war can't be won in a conventional way. It can only be won by showing that our values are stronger, better and more just, more fair than the alternative.

They hate and despise our values, and according to Blair's battle plans they would need to accept them for us to win. A dog chasing its tail. They already know what we stand for and have rejected it. According to Blair's diagnosis, their disease is terminal and we've lost the war trying to save them. When they do opt for democracy they elect those of whom we don't approve, who clearly don't share our values, as the Hamas victory blares to those who aren't willfully deaf, dumb and blind.

The banner was not actually "regime change" it was "values change".

Blair kept bleating about "values change" rather than regime change, and such a "banner" is blown to bits daily by those who don't share or want our values, resisting the forced conversion which the Muslim world correctly see as a new crusade. However, it is not yet a Catholic crusade (will a nuclear jihad against Vienna or Berlin provoke a rapid response from the EU?), and it certainly isn't a Christian crusade - although some embers of biblical influence remain despite the floodgates of hell that have waged war against them, our "values" that have systematically sought to squelch and substitute them with evolution, humanism and relativism - it is a SECULAR CRUSADE, a serious conflict of interests, a culture clash.

This is not just about security or military tactics. It is about hearts and minds about inspiring people, persuading them, showing them what our values at their best stand for.

"War is hell" - not a group hug or liberal classroom! We lost the war when we became entangled in the world of ideas and attitudes rather than stay focused on taking out a hostile regime and leaving Iraq to do whatever Iraq wanted to do - civil war or not. Otherwise we should clear out the area of Arabs and claim it for the British-Israelites, Joes (Joseph isn't Jewish!), as it is part of Greater Israel to the Euphrates, and open it up like the Wild West, offering incentives to pioneers willing to move there and stake out claims. (Besides, we're still in the process of nation building here at home, with many improvements needed and changes necessary. Charity begins at home. Cut off our entangling alliances and bring our troops and money home! Why shouldn't taxpayers money be spent in America - not overseas by foreigners who hate us and would dance in the streets if we fell tomorrow?).

If the Iraqis "elected" to choose another hostile regime making serious threats against us, we could take out that dictator too. We didn't defeat the Japanese or Germans by trying to impress them with our "values" or self-restraint. We fought and won the war and didn't worry about disproportionate use of force or civilian casualties, knowing our enemies are responsible for such and must be held accountable. They started the war, we finished it.

Blair then praised General Sharon for illegally expelling innocent Jews - rewarding terrorism and providing them another base to launch attacks against Israel - preached the nations must force the "peace" issue between Israel and "Palestinians," and promoted an accursed Palestine as the final solution. He should have called for an Anglo-Israeli alliance to defeat our sworn enemies.

Jews and Christian-Zionists oppose such a BIG LIE and remind all the world to go by the Book (Malachi 4:4) and scrap the worthless road map that is leading to the dismantling of Israel, the occupation of Jerusalem, and the fall of the United States and British Commonwealth (due to rot from within and the death blow by fascist Europe from without).


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