Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shavuot, King David, and Mount Zion

This Shavuot, in great respect for King David (whom tradition states died on Shavuot) and in honor of Mount Zion (where David is believed to be buried), may every Jew, Israeli and Christian Zionist be sure to redouble efforts to expose and condemn German-Jesuit attempts to undermine Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem by getting a foothold on Mount Zion to besiege the Temple Mount.

Dormition Abbey on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem is an exact replica of the German cathedral at Aachen where unholy emperors have been crowned. The Vatican has its evil eye on Jerusalem where they plan to play king of the mountain and invoke the accursed UN Resolution 181.

Let the Vatican confess and forsake their Babylonian sins and release the Temple treasures they hold hostage.

The Vatican Agenda by Joel Bainerman

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