Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Americans evicted from the Southwest?

Open Borders, the NAU, and the Betrayal of the American People

Ernesto Zedillo said, “I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders.” Former President Vicente Fox said, “We are Mexicans that live in our territories, and we are Mexicans that live in other territories. In reality, there are 120 million people that live together and are working together to construct a nation.” They both acknowledged that Mexico as a nation goes beyond its own borders, and Fox illustrates that a Mexican nation is being constructed inside the United States.

Expect the globalists (aiding and abetting such subversives - illegal immigrants - and evident enemies of the United States - Mexican presidents) to increasingly demand Americans get evicted from their homes and property as part of "painful concessions" for "peace." What we've foisted upon Israel (and South Africa) will backfire upon us.

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