Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jerusalem belongs to the Jews by history, religion and law

Jerusalem belongs to the Jews by history, religion and law
By Ted Belman

Jerusalem definitely belongs to the Jews by history, religion and law. However, the world has shown it doesn’t care to be confused by such facts and will continue to do whatever they can to wrest Jerusalem from the Jews, with the collaboration of treacherous Jews (deserving of death) in service to their German-Jesuit EU masters.

Anti-Zionism is merely barely cloaked anti-Semitism, and both are irrational in their unwarranted hatred of Jews and Israelis. Israel and world Jewry must face this harsh reality and immediately cease and desist from vain efforts to seek to appease or win approval of the nations that will never come.

May Jews and Israelis wholeheartedly repent and return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and appeal to Him to save us from the lion’s mouth we’ve walked into (Amos 3:12), shamefully pursuing peace in a manner contrary to the Law of Moses (digging our own graves), and boldly act upon the Word of God without apology or hesitation to survive and thrive as Meir Kahane testified (Dan. 9:11). Otherwise, I fear Jerusalem will get stomped by the EU jackboot and Israel will suffer Gentile occupation.

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