Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Zionism and Colonialism are the Future!

Rice Compares Israeli Occupation to Infamous US Segregation by Lenni Brenner

But segregation or apartheid, religious or ethnic, has no right to exist on even one inch of our planet
The Bible says otherwise. Our planet? It belongs to our Great Creator God and to whoever He chooses to give it to.
After decades of struggle, American legal segregation and South African apartheid are dead and gone and we all say good riddance to them.
We? Imagine a split screen image on television of before and after for both. I prefer the former (although with necessary changes).
In time, when progressive Palestinians and Israelis get their act together and set up their equivalent of the American civil rights movement and the African National Congress, Zionism will join segregation and apartheid in the cemetary reserved for discredited and defeated colonial regimes.
Progressive? The American civil rights movement has turned into a bowel movement of reverse discrimination, institutionalized racism against whites (quotas, affirmative action, etc.) and the godless ANC is the terrorist organization it has always been. Apparently you think Arafat was a freedom-fighter too and would give a bear hug to Castro and comrades? Appalling.
Biblical Zionism is the future (from the Nile to the Euphrates); proper segregation based upon biblical ideals and Anglo-Israelite colonialism are mankind's only hope (after we've learned our lessons and remembered our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities) as Rhodesia now Zimbabwe ruins proves.

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