Saturday, February 11, 2006

German migration

From the Brit-Am Israel article: Criteria For Determining Which Peoples Are Of Israelite Origin And Which Not --

Scripture relates that the Lost Ten Tribes (towards the End Times) will be in a number of places (Ilses of the Sea, the West, the North, the Northwest, Coastlands, etc.) which all taken as a complementary unit can only apply to the British peoples and related groups in Europe and overseas. Likewise overall national as well as individual Tribal characteristics are described in the Bible and associated Literature which (together with Historical proofs) are found to be only pertinent to northwest European and British groups.

On the historical basis alone there are some areas (such as Portugal, parts of Germany, Northern Italy) that would otherwise be considered since entities identifiable as Israelite did sojourn in them for some time. These regions do not however meet all (or even most) of the above criteria. [Even so, individuals or even recognisable groups who emerge from these areas may in some cases yet be of Israelite descent.] The Historical consideration alone without other points can never be enough since very often important information may be lacking.

For instance from Baden in southwest Germany over two-thirds of the population emigrated in the 18th-19th century and others entered in their place. Schleswig-Holstein (in North Germany on the border with Denmark) after 1945 received a flood of settlers uprooted from German settlements in east Europe and these became more than 75% of the population. In both the above cases there occurred significant population changes that are known of whereas similar large-scale movements elsewhere may be only hinted at or not have been recorded at all.

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