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Mount Ephraim

MOUNT EPHRAIM – NEWSLETTER - No. 3 – 14th February 2006

Dear friends,

A number of major breakthroughs were made during our recent trip to Israel. The Lord had clearly gone before us, and all our prayers were answered plus a deal more! Thank you so much for your fervent and effective prayers. Keep on praying, as no doubt you remember the saying that, “the Lords army moves forward on its knees!”

As a number of new members have been added to our mailing list, and for their benefit I would like to recap some of the recent history of our work. The prophetic focus of this work is the coming together and reunification of the Two Houses of Israel. Our prophetic mandate is taken from Jeremiah 31:6: “For there shall be a day when the watchmen will cry on Mount Ephraim, ‘arise, and let us go up to Zion, to the Lord our God.’”

The Prophets of old were sent to the leaders of their nations

In 2004 I was inspired to write a message specifically tailored to the leaders both secular and religious in Great Britain. The result was a booklet entitled, “GREAT BRITAIN – HER CALLING AND HIDDEN ANCESTRY.” With the help of a senior government official in the House of Lords, God enabled me to get His message into both Houses of Parliament on Erev Channukah. Some 1500 Lords and MP’s received their own personal copies, whilst others were sent to Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, as well as to Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and most of the other Bishops and church leaders in Britain. The key thing is that the message of end-time witness went to the leaders of the nation! The plain truth is, if we are to go by the pattern God has set in His Word, the prophets of old invariably were sent to the leaders of Israel and Judah, as God holds the leaders both secular and religious primarily responsible for the conduct of the nation.

The message is to be sent to the Jew first

After the remarkable success of the British operation, on the urging and help of a beloved friend and benefactor I was led to write a message especially dedicated to the United States. God provided the finances for a lavishly illustrated booklet titled, “WHO ARE YOU AMERICA? God then quickened to me that His Kingdom message should now be taken TO THE JEW FIRST IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE AND THAT FROM THERE ON HIS MESSAGE WAS TO GO FORTH FROM ZION. The plan is to follow this Biblical pattern by placing a copy of the Hebrew version of this booklet not only in the hands of every Member of the Knesset, but also into the hands of every leading Rabbi in the State of Israel. Thus all the leaders of Judah will receive the Messianic message that the Sons of Joseph, and his companions the sons of Israel, are alive and well, and that they are destined to come back soon to be reunited with Judah, and his companions! (See: Ezekiel 37). All of this in preparation for the return of our Messiah Yeshua, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who is set to establish His Kingdom rule over the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the UNITED KINGDOM OF GREATER ISRAEL whilst seated upon the throne of David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. All the nations of the earth will be blessed through His rule. My belief is that if we follow the Biblical pattern of going to Judah first, a GREAT BREAKTHROUGH will be achieved for this message to go out throughout the world. This breakthrough has to occur in Jerusalem the city of our God. Thus, even though the “Who Are You America?” booklet is specifically directed at America, it is only after it is published in Israel in the Hebrew language, that its message can go to the U.S. mainland, as well as to the other Israelite nations of the world. The American booklet in fact represents a brief synopsis of my main manuscript called, “THE HIDDEN ANCESTRY OF AMERICA AND GREAT BRITAIN.”

A translator is found

The good news is that we now have an Orthodox Jew by the name of Yair Davidiy who has agreed to translate our booklet into Hebrew. To be frank he was the last person I had in mind for the job, although he is a very good friend of mine, I would not have chosen him. However, I had asked the Lord if He would lead me to the man He had chosen, and this He did through a most unusual set of circumstances. At my insistence a proper contract was drawn up with stage payments for work done. It was worded in a way that would enable me to pull the work away from him at any stage should his work not be satisfactory. As I cannot read Hebrew, and as this work of God needs to be a work of excellence, I felt I needed other competent persons to check upon the work of the translator ensuring that Hebrew version most perfectly reflected the original English work. At the time we drew the contract up I did not know who those competent persons were going to be, but I trusted that God would lead me to them. This is exactly what happened, as right at the end of my stay, two persons, both believers, one an Israeli born in the land, the other with 30 years in the land, offered of their own free will, to check the work of the translator. Not only that, but, as they are known to each other, they offered to work as a team to get the best possible result. What a wonderful answer to prayer!

President George W Bush

Another amazing surprise on this trip was when I met with two anointed believers, who having examined the glossy American booklet with all of its lavish illustrations, came to me privately to declare their individual family connections with George W Bush, the President of the United States. In the case of one it was a close family friend who regularly participated in the Presidents Prayer Breakfasts at the White House. She said she would ask him to give a copy of the booklet to the President. The other lady told me that her brother was a very senior figure at the Pentagon, whose rank was such that he walked by the presidents desk at the White House every working day. She felt that the quality of the booklet was such that it would not look out of place on the Presidents desk, and she would ask her brother to put it there for him to look at and read. Is this not amazing? You could not make this up, could you? Who knows what Abba has in mind – who knows where this will lead! Let us give glory to His Great Name!

God’s own placeman and facilitator in Israel

As God had provided a very senior government figure in the House of Lords to help us to get our message to the leaders in Great Britain, I knew that I would need such a man in Israel also. The sort of person we need to look out for is a man of some influence who has the inside track and has all the necessary high level connections that enable him to smooth the path for us. I had been praying for such a man to present himself to me. Then some 10 days prior to my departure a name came to my mind. As a former advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, he certainly qualified as a man of influence, and I remembered he had been most helpful to a dear friend. Immediately I asked my friend if I might approach his Israeli associate about this project. Permission was granted, and in due course an appointment was arranged at his plush offices near Tel Aviv. Again it was clear that the Lord had gone before us, as per our prayers. Our prospective Israeli facilitator appeared completely open minded to the concept that the modern day descendants of Joseph were to be found in America and Great Britain. He confessed that subconsciously it made eminent sense. He described Israel, America and Great Britain as a virtuous triangle in the world whose mindset was rooted in the Bible. He also commented that it clearly was no accident that the enemies of Israel habitually burned the flags of those three nations, and that the enemy seemed aware of the connection between them. He felt that our booklet would not necessarily create the controversy I was expecting, as in his opinion the Israeli public would readily accept our premise about America and Great Britain being part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. His opinion seems to dovetail with the comments of a senior Orthodox Rabbi supportive of our work. He felt that this message would be hugely encouraging and a great comfort to the Jewish nation, at a time when the peoples’ spirits are very low. Although nothing concrete had been decided, having spent a full 90 minutes in his company, I left well satisfied, as a seed had been planted in his mind and it appeared it had been well received. Also the door was left wide open for future contact, and I believe that this person may well be God’s chosen instrument to help us get our Kingdom message into the State of Israel. I believe this man may be particularly helpful in assisting us with our P.R. Media campaign in Israel.


All along I have been looking to Hashem, the Holy One of Israel, to provide the necessary funds for this work of His, as well as for open doors and great favor with men of influence in the various countries where His work is to be done, and this He has done with unfailing faithfulness. Time and again I have been urged by well meaning friends and relatives inpatient to see God’s work done to use some of my own very limited resources to help fund this work. Each time I have resisted the temptation to rush things knowing full well that I could not trust myself to get the timing right. I knew in my spirit that I had to let go and let God handle it. Recently, as I was in prayer certain words spoken out aloud gave me God’s definitive answer in the form of a question, “Does the servant fund the Master, or does the Master fund the servant?” It was a wonderful confirmation from above that the servant must not get in the Master’s way, and must at all times look to the Master for his provision.

The next step forward

Once the translation process is completed and we have a Hebrew language Kingdom word to send to the House of Judah, we will need to print around 5,000 copies of the booklet. Rabbi Avraham Feld of the Maccabee Institute has agreed to write a cover letter to go with the booklets being sent to all the Rabbis of Israel – clearly this is better than it coming to them from a foreign outsider like me. There is a possibility we may even be able to get a Chief Rabbi of some renown to write the cover letter. Then we also need to have the funds to organize a P.R. campaign to coincide with the letters going out. All of this is going to take a considerable amount of money – how much I do not know, although I estimate it may be in the region of £12,000.00, or around $ 20,000.00 USD. Please join me in prayer that God, our Heavenly Provider, will multiply the finances of this work to the glory of His Great Name.

Translation work more difficult than expected

Yair Davidiy confessed to me the other day that he was finding the translation work more difficult than he had expected. Personally I was not surprised because there is a huge difference in the regular vocabularies of English and Hebrew. Whereas English boasts a vocabulary of some 250,000 words, Hebrew is comprised of only some 50,000 words. This is where the problem lies in translation, as your average Hebrew word can have as many as six different meanings, which makes things very hard. I counseled Yair to ask for special assistance from above. I suggested he needed to reach out to Hashem, the Holy One of Israel, to help him with his task, and He will most certainly reach out to help you. I went on to say, “After all this is not the work of Stephen Spykerman, neither is it the work of Yair Davidiy! There is no question this is the work of the Holy One of Israel, and we are merely instruments in His Holy Hands and can therefore count on His help. My regular prayer is that Hashem enhances your skills as a translator, much as He did in former times with Betzalel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah in the building of the Tabernacle in the wilderness. He filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom and understanding, in knowledge and all manner of workmanship. (Ex 35:30-31) Let us both pray you may receive the same Divine help, as you translate His encouraging end time message to the house of Judah.” Will you not join me in praying for His Divine inspiration upon the Hebrew translation?

Yours for the restoration of ALL Israel

Stephen Spykerman

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P.S. Can you think of a better way to bless Israel than to let the Jewish people know who and where their Lost Israelite brothers are? Our work relies on His providence which is invariably expressed through His people. You can support the work of ‘Mount Ephraim publishing’ by crediting its account at:

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PPS – On a personal note, we have decided to move away from England to establish ourselves permanently in Israel. More details on this in our next Newsletter.

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