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Israelites left Germany

From Brit-Am Now - 445

Some Israelites in Germany?
From: "A. Stefani W."
Subject: remnant in Germany
At the outset I will clarify something. I am not teaching you that all
Germans are Judah, definitely not. Neither am I suggesting for one moment that Germany is an Israelite nation in the sense that Britain, Norway or Denmark or Holland would be classified. But I do hope to demonstrate to you that a sizeable number, now greatly reduced, of Judah came through Germany when the Tribes passed through that region on their way to the Isles North and West of Palestine.
The teaching began to come to the fore that modern Germany was Assyria.
That teaching did not just come to the fore in World War II, it completely
took over in British Israel circles. All our preachers were preaching that
Germany is Assyria. No less a preacher than our own A. J. Ferris wrote at
least two books, "Germany's Doom Foretold", and "When Russia Bombs Germany" which outline this belief. The teaching that Germany is Assyria has been perpetuated to this day by the various branches, splits or splinters of what was the Armstrong World Wide Church of God.

In this study, we are going to look at a part of Germany, at Judah, and the
Royal links. We are going to look at the heraldry, and, more importantly,
the spiritual links, the westward migrations of Judah, and the poison that
finally destroyed and ruined Germany.
Andrea W.
Surrey GB

3. Brit-Am Comment: on Germany and other non-Israelite areas of the world:
The above opinion and the source references are worth considering but
should be treated with some reservation.
We have discussed the migration of Israelites from Germany to North America in our book "Joseph" and may return to this subject in even more detail at a later date.
Everyone who is interested in this issue should read the relevant chapter
in Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America by Yair Davidi.

In general we hold:
Many Israelites were once in Germany but moved out in stages, some
only relatively recently.
There were also quite a few Jews from Judah who assimilated amongst the
Germans but most of these also moved out.

That people of German origin who are pulled towards Brit-Am type beliefs
also wish to emphasize the possibility of many Germans belonging or of having once
belonged to Israel is natural (and the same holds for other basically non-Israelite areas of the world) BUT when (and if) such claims are accompanied by wrong opinions concerning the line of the Jews of Judah then we reject them.
We also strongly suspect all those who reject the Jews of Judah.
In my opinion such thinkers are probably not of Israelite origin.

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